Drew And Mike – May 6, 2016

  • First episode with Charlie LeDuff!
  • We learn that Charlie is in need of some 8 tracks from folks since he’s down to 2 for his Cadillac.
  • Rob Ford, the mayoral mess from Toronto.
  • Housing comparisons between Drew and Charlie.
  • Charlie gets a solid 5 Wood smack of a golf ball over the Mexican border wall.. and proceeds to climb over it.
  • Is Trump a racist for wanting to build the wall?  His taco bowl pic is making the rounds.
  • Getting to know Drew’s dogs (Layla and Maggs) along with Charlie’s miracle diet plan for Maggs.
  • Comparing Prince and Michael Jackson.
  • A walk down memory lane with the OJ Simpson and Robert Blake trials.
  • Sinead O’Connor being sued by Arsenio Hall.
  • Prince’s last meal.
  • Kyle Andrew Bessemer admits to spraying poison on open produce at various stores but what about his hair and eyebrows?
  • Federal investigation into the surprising and escalating costs of demolishing abandoned homes in Detroit.
  • Detroit Public Schools – Would you donate $500,000 to schools with such corruption?  Ellen Degeneres did… or did she?
  • Rehashing Leah Remini and the Tom Cruise antics with Charlie
    Charlie brings up the connection of Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley.  Apparently they were shtupping the same chick.
  • Getting into astronomy, let’s hear about why stars don’t twinkle over Los Angeles.
  • Drew doesn’t need to drive at night with headlights on… as long as it is between Phoenix and Vegas.
  • Dinner with the Schwarzeneggers.  Be sure to dress appropriately.
  • We’re confident you haven’t heard enough of the Flint water situation, so let’s cover it some more.
  • Captain and Tennille… divorcing?  But Tennille sounded like such a darling of a person when Drew & Mike called the Captain and her back in the day.

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